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B.C. residents were promised big benefits from the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. But now Kinder Morgan appears to be going back on their word.

In fact, Trans Mountain was only approved on the condition that British Columbians would get their fair share of the benefits from this project.

But now Kinder Morgan has indicated they are likely to hire less experienced workers, reducing their costs at the expense of public and worker safety.

This could mean thousands of jobs outsourced to foreign workers at a time when there are skilled local workers in B.C. who are ready to work.

As well as fewer training & apprenticeship opportunities for First Nations and residents of local communities.

And the thousands of family-supporting jobs for BC’s middle class from this project? They’ll be gone if this plan goes ahead.

If Kinder Morgan is willing to cut costs with unqualified cheap labour, then they are definitely putting profits before safety.

This is why skilled, unionized workers have built the majority of pipelines in Canada.

Including the original Trans Mountain pipeline project, which is now about to be expanded.

So why should this project be any different? In fact, it shouldn't. Please help us tell Kinder Morgan they need to keep their promise to BC!

I Agree, Kinder Morgan should put safety before profits!

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About This Campaign

The B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits and its members have launched an online campaign to tell Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to British Columbians – and that is a promise to put SAFETY BEFORE PROFITS.

In response to a growing community of British Columbians who are concerned about Kinder Morgan’s level of commitment to safety, rigorous training for their workers, and upholding B.C.’s Five Conditions, the B.C. Coalition for Safety Before Profits was formed.

Founding coalition members include the International Union of Operating Engineers, the Labourer’s International Union of North America, United Association Canada (Canadian Piping Trades), and Teamsters Canada. Collectively, these members have safely built nearly every pipeline in Canada. Why then, would Kinder Morgan rely on anyone other than the most experienced workers to build their TransMountain Expansion pipeline? Join B.C.’s skilled, unionized pipeline workers in telling Kinder Morgan to keep their promise to B.C.!

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